UN X100TO – Grupo Frontera x Bad Bunny

“UN X100TO,” the collaboration between and , has emerged as a powerful anthem that celebrates Puerto Rican identity, resilience, and cultural pride. Released with an impactful official video, the song not only showcases the musical talents of both artists but also highlights important social and political themes relevant to the island's history and contemporary challenges.

#### Introducing Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny

Grupo Frontera, a renowned Puerto Rican musical group known for its fusion of reggae, ska, and rock influences, brings a distinctive sound and lyrical depth to their music. With a career spanning decades, Grupo Frontera has consistently championed social causes and cultural heritage through their music, making them a respected voice in Puerto Rican music.

Bad Bunny, on the other hand, needs little introduction. The globally acclaimed reggaeton and trap artist has revolutionized Latin urban music with his innovative sound and socially conscious lyrics. Hailing from Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny has used his platform to address issues of social justice, identity, and cultural pride, resonating deeply with fans worldwide.

#### Exploring “UN X100TO”: Themes of Identity and Unity

“UN X100TO” opens with a vibrant blend of reggae and urban beats, setting the stage for a celebration of Puerto Rican culture and resilience. The song's lyrics pay homage to the island's rich heritage and its people's unwavering spirit in the face of adversity. Bad Bunny's verses, delivered with his trademark flow and passion, highlight themes of unity, empowerment, and pride in Puerto Rican identity.

Grupo Frontera's contributions to the song add depth and musical diversity, seamlessly merging their distinctive rock and ska influences with Bad Bunny's urban sound. Together, they create a dynamic and infectious track that resonates with listeners on both a cultural and emotional level.

#### Visual Representation: The “UN X100TO” Official Video

The official video for “UN X100TO” serves as a visual tribute to Puerto Rican culture and history. Directed with artistic flair and cultural sensitivity, the video features evocative scenes of everyday life in Puerto Rico, interspersed with powerful imagery that reflects the island's natural beauty and resilience.

Scenes depicting community gatherings, street art, and traditional dance pay homage to Puerto Rico's vibrant cultural traditions, while subtle nods to its history and struggle for independence add layers of meaning to the video. Bad Bunny and Grupo Frontera are prominently featured throughout, embodying the song's message of unity and cultural pride through their performances and interactions with locals.

#### Cultural Impact and Reception

Since its release, “UN X100TO” has garnered widespread acclaim for its infectious energy and powerful message. The collaboration between Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny has been particularly well-received, with fans praising the song's authenticity and its celebration of Puerto Rican identity.

“UN X100TO” not only highlights the musical synergy between Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny but also underscores the artists' shared commitment to uplifting their homeland and advocating for social change. By blending reggae, ska, and urban influences, the song bridges generational and genre gaps, appealing to a diverse audience of music lovers who appreciate its cultural significance and universal themes of resilience and unity.

#### Conclusion

In conclusion, “UN X100TO” by Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny stands as a powerful testament to the power of music to celebrate cultural heritage and inspire social change. Through their collaboration, these two iconic artists have not only created a memorable anthem but also sparked important conversations about identity, resilience, and unity within Puerto Rican society.

As “UN X100TO” continues to resonate with audiences globally, it reaffirms the significance of music as a tool for cultural expression and social activism. By celebrating Puerto Rican culture and honoring its people's resilience, Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny have created a timeless song that transcends borders and resonates with listeners around the world, leaving a lasting impact on the contemporary Latin music landscape.

Me queda un porciento
Y lo usare solo para decirte lo mucho que lo siento
Que si me ven con otra en una disco, solo es perdiendo el tiempo
Baby pa' que te miento
Eso de que me vieron feliz no lo es cierto

Ya nada me hace reir
Solo cuando veo las fotos y los videos que tengo de ti
Salí con otra para olvidarte y tenía el perfume que te gusta a ti
Prendo para irme a dormir
Porque duermo mejor si sueno que estas aqui
Si supieras que te escribí
No he mandado los mensajes siguen todos ahí
Y wow que mucho me ha costado
Quizás te hice una favor cuando me fui de tu lado
Borracho viendo tus fotos, me duele verte pues ya he mejorado
No tienes días grises, ya no te duelen las cicatrices

Y yo pensando si decirte que me queda un porciento
Y lo usaré solo para decirte lo mucho que lo siento
Que si me ven con otra en una disco solo es perdiendo el tiempo
Baby pa' que te miento
Eso de que me vieron feliz no lo es cierto

Bad Bunny
Ey. Hace tiempo no pensaba en ti
Borracho en tu insta me metí
Baby ya yo se que a ti te va bien
Que de mi tu no quieres saber
Ey ey

Viviendo en un infierno que yo mismo enciende
Jugando contigo como si fuese el diez?
Siento que ya no estoy en tu corazón
Ahora estoy en tu piel
Rogandote, en el tequila ahogándome
Los muchachos están invitándome a salir la paso bien
Pero siempre termino extranandote
En el tequila ahogándome, ey
Las morritas texteandome
Que donde es la peda hoy pero

Me queda un porciento
Y lo usaré solo para decirte lo mucho que lo siento
Que si me ven con otra en una disco es solo perdiendo el tiempo
Baby pa' que te miento
Eso de que me vieron feliz no es cierto

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